Exploring Tourism in Tajikistan
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Karakul Lake

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Vivid skies, sparkling water, cool breeze, and sounds of geese! Welcome to Karakul. Located in Tajik Pamir National Park (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Karakul Lake is the main attraction of the Karakul village. Walk around, and you’ll appreciate the unique vibe and desolation of the lake and the village.

The sparkling blue water of the lake is mesmerizing, and so are the reflections of the lovely landscapes and snow-covered peaks in the waters. Be fascinated by looking at the Peaks of Lenin and Avicenna that stand tall with all their glory among the deep blue skies.

Spend a night in Karakul to get extraordinary views of Milky Way and watch unique bird species in and around the lake in the morning. Hiking around this area will treat you with amazing views of the lake, the village, and the mountains. On top of that, you will get to see some beautiful birds while hiking.

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