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Wakhan Valley

Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan

The Wakhan Valley, a geographical region that sits mostly in northern Afghanistan, but stretches over into southern Tajikistan was once a hotspot between colonial rulers Britain and Tsarist Russia but today the Wakhan is a peaceful valley. The Wakhan is where the east meets west in the Central Asia region, and because of that is historically important going back thousands of years where you can visit the ruins of the Yamchun fortress built in the 12th century and take a dip in the hot springs of Bibi Khanum where the water is believed by locals to be special and is thought to improve female fertility.

At Wakhan Valley, you find several fortresses located on the top of very high hills, offering the most epic and impressive views ever. With all this historical context, its incredible landscape, and awesome people, the Wakhan Valley is the ultimate adventure and a place you can’t miss in your journey through Tajikistan.

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