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Gunt Valley, Tajikistan

Lying in the upper Gunt valley of the Pamir Mountains, Yashilkul is a freshwater lake in Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province, in southeast Tajikistan, about 130 kilometres east of the provincial capital of Khorugh. Being 50 metres deep at its deepest point, Yashikul lake is 19 km long and from 1 to 4 km across. The snowcapped peaks reflected in the glass-like surface of the lake make for breathtaking natural scenery.

A whole spectrum of colors visible here awakens the senses, from the pearl-white mountain-tops to the pure-blue surface of the lake. Gradually, the lake has become quite large because of the active glacier melting. From Yashilkul comes the great Gunt River. Literally ‘Yashilkul’ can be translated from Tadshikisch as ‘the green lake’, which completely reflects the main characteristics of the water basin.

The water in the lake is emerald green. So when you are in Tajikistan then do not miss to visit this stunning lake.

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