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44 Springs Tour

44 Springs Tour Packages
Country: Tajikistan
City: Dushanbe
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Chilu Chor Chashma, that means "44 springs", is located 12 km from Shaartuz village

There are five large water springs break into 39 smaller ones. All springs merging form a 12-13 m channel inhabited with a plenty of fish.

The water of the 17 sources is believed to be curative. Each of them has its own name and curative properties:

  • Ashmai muin - prevents hair loss;
  • Khuni Bini - stops nose bleeding;
  • Chashmai Mohron, Khunukzadagon - cures from snake bites and inflammations;
  • Ustukhondard - helps to cure bones diseases;
  • Tablarza - cures malaria;
  • Shifo - medicinal;
  • Fishori Khun - good for hypertonia;
  • Sardard - relieves headache;
  • Peskho - cures psoriasis;
  • Murod - is good for depression;
  • Befarzand - cures infertility;
  • Gurda - good for kidneys;
  • Dilu Chigar - cures diseases of heart and liver;
  • Devonakho - treats mental diseases;
  • Chashmu Gush - cures eyes and ears;
  • Khorish - cures scabies.
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