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A Grape Harvest Festival Tour

A Grape Harvest Festival Tour Packages
Country: Tajikistan
City: Dushanbe
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Agriculture Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Day 1. Departure to the Tajik Village

- A grape harvest

- Folk songs and dances

This festival takes place in the village of Praz in September.

Concerts, processions as well as different activities are organized on Saturday and Sunday in order to celebrate the grape harvest.

Day 2. Breakfast-Sightseeing Tour-Departure

Explore of surroundings

Return to the city

Explore More About Grape Harvesting in Tajikistan:

The popular nickname for Tursunzoda, a town some 50 kilometers west of the capital city, is the “grape capital of Tajikistan.”

Even as one approaches by car, laden vines hang temptingly in rows by the side of the road. In the village of Yangibog, outside Tursunzoda, the grape-harvesting season begins around the end of July and lasts several weeks. The strains grown there are table grapes – intended for consumption while fresh and not for wine – and include the black Pobeda, Lady Finger of both colors, and Husain white. The abundant sunshine lends Tajik grapes a distinctively sugary taste.

Care for the plants is an all-year endeavor. The vines are pruned in February. Fertilizing the soil and exterminating pests is an unremitting duty until harvest time.

Harvesting is a source of meager but valuable income to villagers living in the vicinity of the vineyards. Picking begins at five in the morning. This work is nowadays mostly done by women. For anywhere between three and four months.

Fun and Festivities in Tajikistan

Sairi Lola

Sairi Lola is a festival dedicated to tulips. Tajikistan is the motherland of this flower, so all mountain valleys with fertile soil are covered with a bright carpet of blooming tulips every year. The tulip blooming period coincides with the ripening of the first harvest. Once the harvesting is finished, local people celebrate the tulip festival. During Sairi Lola, elders have more time to share their wisdom with the youth because elderly people are traditionally at the center of this event.


Navruz has always been one of the main holidays for Tajik people. It is celebrated on spring equinox day but the festivities last several days from the 21st to the 24th of March. Navruz is also a symbolic start of the new agricultural year.

Dushanbe, Celebrates its Birthday

Every year on the third Saturday of April, the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, celebrates its birthday. Festive events take place everywhere in the city – in parks, concert halls, and stadiums. Tajiks love their land and are thankful for the gifts that it gives. It is easy to notice this because there are so many agricultural holidays in the country. There are celebrations dedicated to harvesting, honey, pumpkin, and muskmelon.

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